Thursday, September 03, 2009

Footwear on Free App: New Trend

Fashion and footwear firms are increasingly using the growing mobile phone market to sell their wares., Sears and Foot Locker are taking advantage of the new marketplace with mobile commerce (or m-commerce) sites and mobile-friendly versions of their own sites. NearbyNow Inc., collects inventory from brick-and-mortar stores to help shoppers find a specific item in their size at local shops either via the Web or by phone. Each month, the magazine Lucky presents shoe picks and gives the user the chance to purchase them online or find them at a local store. NearbyNow introduced a similar app for Runner’s World, which features athletic shoes and is sponsored by Nike. Several other footwear brands have created programs for the iPhone, including Vans, REI, Ralph Lauren, Elie Tahari, Donna Karana and many others. There are also dozens of unbranded apps, including the popular iShoes and Stylish Girl.

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Pam Walter said...

I have used Zappos many times and they are great!