Saturday, September 26, 2009

How can I look taller?

In a society where image is all the height challenged are in their element just now with the fashion for high heels. Role models like Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) assisted ably by designers like Christian (Red Soles) Louboutin have made the 6.3-inch stilettos the norm and available on line (see “Maggy” and “Miss Clichy” on Louboutin’s website ). What is sauce for the goose however must also be sauce for the gander and what seems surprising (to me) is the apparent absence in mens’ fashion for higher heels. Like the vogue for pointed toes seems it’s ladies first and men later. Meantime the carefully manipulated image for real (height challenged) men may involve wearing elevated shoes. Sir Cliff Richard (the Peter Pan of UK Pop) has always admitted to don heels to boost his 5ft 10in (178cm) frame on stage as has Wee Reggie (Sir Elton John). Fashion dictates to look taller you need to wear one colour head-to-toe with no turn-ups on the trousers. Well-fitted clothes which hug the body give the perception of height which may go some way to explain the less than lofty, Sir Mick Jagger has avoided multicoloured outfits and for years worn elevated sneakers. More recently he donned hi- Nikes to appear taller than his 6ft 2in (188cm) girlfriend. Short Ass, Rod Stewart has his 6ft 2in (188 cm) partner, Penny Lancaster well trained for apparently the lady quietly steps off the kerb for publicity and paparazzi photos shots. Perhaps Rod the Mod has been inspired by Hollywood great, Alan Ladd himself bereft of height always insisted he was given preferential perspective (in height) when close up scenes were shot with fellow actors. It is reported his taller leading ladies were required to walk in a dug out so as to appear shorter Ladd on camera. These conventions are well worn and still used. Tom Cruise is a wee lad but always appears taller on screne thanks to favourable camera work. A similar approach has been taken by politicians. French president, Nicolas Sarkozy (5ft 5in /165cm tall) prefers to seen in his photo-opportunities with shorter people to make him look taller. On a recent visit to a motor technology plant in Normandy it was reported only the shortest workers were selected to share a stage with Mr Sarkozy. The Lady Diana was taller than her husband, Charles, The Prince of Wales and Royal protocols demanded the lady wore low heels when in public so as not appear taller than her man. This started the fashion trend for elegant flats but when Lady Di was free from all that palavar she preferred to wear her Jimmy Choos. Sad to report the very day the lady died, the celebrity shoe designer had new heeled pumps ready for her collect. Elevator shoes for men are more discreet than visible heels and attract less comment. Well placed lifts can add a promising height boost of anywhere between two and five inches. Of course if vanity prevents then bring your own foot stool.

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