Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nerdy clothes for nerdy people:Ankles put the ‘rad’ in trad

Fashion weeks from Melbourne to New York have come and gone. The fashion cogniscenti have spoken and it is clear to all that if you want (men) to be in vogue this season it is the simple action of leaving your socks off. The old Miami Vice trick of exposing the ankle "sans chaussures" is de rigueur for stylish men who are wearing tailored trousers hemmed above the ankle. Trim slacks with classic footwear without socks will get you noticed (and probably bitten by every dog flea within a mile). Designer Duckie Brown had his foci on suits with the trousers cut off into walking shorts. The trend to no socks and flood (crop) trousers started with the collections of Thom Brown a few years back. The ‘half mast’ guru preferred his pants abbreviated, Pee-Wee Herman style. Ankles are the new male erogenous zone and need to be accentuated by tailored trousers and traditional footwear like clunky brogues, function-first desert boots or old school penny loafers.

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