Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Pink Boots for sale

Time was soccer players wearing anything other than black boots would have their sexuality seriously questioned. Now-a-days anything goes and the more gallous the colour of your boots the more cavalier the player. Last season Arsenal’s Nicklas Bendtner took things to the edge with his pink soccer boots. Never a shrinking violet the Danish International persevered despite criticism from the crowd and a personal poor run of play. Now the famous pinks are for sale. On eBay the auction is due to close on Sunday, September 13 with the proceeds going to a Danish cancer foundation. Bendtner wore pink Mercurial Vapor Berry football boots when the line was launched last year. Bendtner scored in the Champions League match between Arsenal and Dynamo Kiev at the Emirates Stadium in London on November 25, 2008 wearing his pinks.

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