Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shoe auction: Big Movers event in the Big Apple

Glamour mum, Angie Harmon ( Law and Order and Womens’ Murder Club) was on hand to host a celebrity shoe auction in New York yesterday. She and her husband, former New York Giants and St. Louis Rams football player Jason Sehorn supervised baby daughter, Emery Hope as she attempted an obstacle course designed for babies to raise money for charity. Nine month, Emery Hope was joined by other babies crawling through a terrain of mock mountains and ski slopes while their mothers bid on Big Mover sneakers signed by celebrities including Melissa Joan Hart, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Tori Spelling. The shoes are from the Big Movers sneaker collection and the public event was staged to celebrate the release of new Huggies® Little Movers diapers. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Washington, D.C., nonprofit KaBOOM! which builds playgrounds for city kids. The online auction runs until October 2. You can learn more about the auction at here.

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