Sunday, October 04, 2009

Fashion Week Roundup: Investment dressing or retro glam?

Been there and done that and we know the fashions for Autumn (Fall) 2009. Back to simple basics with voluptuous accessories. We may not buy so much these days but the fashionista will indulge in the return of the English Look. Itself not one big trend, but instead made up of a lot of different things which reflect the classic lines and style. Known as investment dressing people are looking for investment pieces that will last more than one season. Tailored clothing with emphasis on line (or silhouette) will highlight the waist and this may see the return of the padded shoulders. The leggy look is narrow to highlight the figure. Tailored trousers, over-the-knee boots, skinny jeans or a pencil skirt are all acceptable in the ‘skinny bottom’ shift. The glamorous look is complete with stripped-down ankle boots (worn with lean trousers), the over-the-knee boot (worn with tunics and leggings), and the practical city pump, with a rounder, closed toe and a mid-height heel (worn with the pencil skirt). Over-the-knee boots are definitely a trendy look which will probably catch on with the younger demographic. Mid height boots may have mass appeal but the ankle boot and shooties more likely to become ubiquitous.

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