Monday, October 05, 2009

Shake it: An instant history of the Polaroid

The Pump House Gallery Battersea Park, London is hosting the exhibition Shake It: An instant History of the Polaroid. Besides work by some of the most important artists working with the medium, the show will also include Polaroids from other diverse professions and disciplines such as forensics, archaeology, medicine, filmmaking and fashion, as well as those of amateurs and enthusiasts. On show is David Hockney's large composite called Nicholas Wilder Studying Picasso, which references the stylisation and methods of the cubists; Michael Snow's play on the immediacy of the image; as well as Authorization, and Guy Bourdin's intimate, small-scale surreal visions. One other highlight is Andy Warhol's collection of still-life of perfume bottles and shoes. There is also examples of photographs that avid shoe collectors stick on to her shoeboxes for ease of identification.

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