Monday, October 12, 2009

Shoe high fashion: WYSIWYG nonsense?

Time was the catwalk was showcase of style with the actual costume on display an indication only of what might (most likely) be found on offer off the hanger at a Target store near you. When it comes to shoes the press cannot get enough of high heels and assume the catwalk will mirror exactly the sidewalk. The what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) approach is unlikely to eventuate and girls whizzing around in Alexander McQueen’s 12” towers more of a rarity than ubiquitous inconvenience. Post Paris Fashion Week fashion columns are either full of praise for twomen who stoically ignore the discomfort for fashion or fill copy with dire warnings on the folly of fashion and the impending doom that faces those who wear high fashion footwear. Medical condemnation of high heels is age old and yet there is no significant evidence to base an argument other than a general dislike for female sartoria. Fashion has become a practical fantasy where choice of clothing is the key. The body beautiful ideal of today’s society craves to be ‘space age’ and airbrushed serving no practical purpose other than pure fantasy. Time will out and as sure as fashion is cyclic the next phase will be so far removed from towers as to declare a new order (and a new round of new condemnation from the foot police, no doubt).

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