Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Wooden Shoe Book Store

The Wooden Shoe Bookstore is at 508 South Fifth St. Philidelphia and runs as a non-profit, all collectively run bookstore that has a strong left-wing theme to it. It was opened in 1976 and provides a place for those who had strong left-wing ideologies. The Wooden Shoe strives to provide the local community with radical and non-traditional sources of written, digital, and spoken information. On the shelves are a multitude of left-wing books on subjects and issues ranging from anarchism, racism and feminism to history, politics, art and music. Local talents such as writters and musicians can have their works sold through consignment. This places the creator’s material into the store’s hands and consignees can expect to gain 70 percent of what Wooden Shoe earned from their product.

The wooden shoe in the title relates to the sabots (wooden clogs) worn by the proletariat after the French Revolution. The shoes were designated as the footwear of the people.

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