Tuesday, November 17, 2009

adidas for less than a $1?

adidas are to make trainer which will sell for €1 trainers. The plan is to make the shoes available for millions of people around the world who cannot afford to buy shoes. The original idea came from Bangladesh's Nobel prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, the pioneer of micro-loans which help the poor start their own businesses. Yunus contacted adidas with the idea of creating "social businesses" which generate jobs in the country. The company agreed and will produce shoes in Bangladesh on a non-profit basis. The target is to keep the footwear around €1 (89p) retail but it is most probably going to cost more. Like other sports companies accused of exploitation in the developing world, adidas is keen to improve its image and reputation for social responsibility. The production of the shoes in Bangladesh commences next year but it is not yet decided whether the shoes will carry the Adidas brand or its trademark three stripes design.

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