Wednesday, November 25, 2009

COP15:Don't tell us it can't be done

Timberland has launched “Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done” campaign to challenge government leaders to set standards for emissions at next month's Copenhagen climate change talks (COP15). “Don’t Tell Us It Can’t Be Done” campaign urges the public to get involved in the climate change debate by giving them a forum to let their voices be heard. Timberland hopes to rally the power of individuals and consumers around the world to affect this process positively by challenging government leaders to set standards for emissions. Timberland has taken direct action to reduce its carbon footprint by improving lighting design and using renewable energy sources at Timberland facilities. It is now calling for others to follow them and build all new US stores to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications. As part of this campaign, individuals can make their voices heard by signing an online petition at or by going through and

The petition asks world leaders to come to an agreement on fair and binding climate legislation that clearly sets a limit for greenhouse gas emissions; and then asks them to step aside and let businesses innovate and lead the way to finding solutions to achieve those limits.

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