Sunday, November 01, 2009

Nike shoe: Gruesome find on beach

Another severed foot has found washed ashore in Richmond, British Columbia last week. This brings the number of anonymous feet surfacing in B.C. and Washington to eight since August 2007. In the past most were wearing adidas shoes but the latest was inside a Nike running shoe (right and size 8 ½). So far no satisfactory explanation has been found to explain the gruesome finds but many believe there must be some sinister reason. According to oceanographer, Curt Ebbesmeyer from the University of Washington however the presence of the feet has a more innocent explanation. Inevitably submerged bodies floating in the water for longer periods will have segments including the feet disarticulate and these are caught in the flotsam and jetsam. Ebbesmeyer was baffled when four right feet were washed up but is more assured now lefts and matches are being washed up too which leads him to believe there is less likely to be widespread foul play. Thousands of people are reported missing in B.C. and Washington each year and some may come to a watery grave either through accident or self harm. The expert in flotsam and jetsam is surprised there are not more incidents reported.

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