Saturday, November 07, 2009

Reebok Women's Easy Tone: What every woman needs?

According to the manufacturers the Reebok Easy Tone was designed to fit and function female feet and features all the latest technologies for comfort and muscle-toning benefits. Reebok claim EasyTone technology encourages 28% more toning in the gluteal area, 11% more toning in your hamstrings and 11% more toning in your calves, than any other shoe. The design of this shoe follows others however in the belief minor variation to the walking surface can cause increased muscle tone. Inserts referred to as ‘balance pods’ are placed strategically under the heel and forefoot of the shoes to create what the manufacturer calls ‘natural instability with every step‘, (sic not quite sure what that is?) with the result the body needs to counter balance this action in turn tones major muscle groups. A similar approach in foot orthotic manufacture enjoyed a short vogue in the 50a and early 60s. Known as contra-lateral wedging the heel and forefoot plains were locked parallel with wedges placed on the medial side of the heel and lateral aspect of the forefoot. Whilst some relief of overuse symptoms was recorded the general response was contra-lateral wedging was uncomfortable to wear and subsequently abandoned.

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