Monday, November 30, 2009

Winter Boots big hit with the Brits

Mukluks and Uggs take a step back for it is winter boots that will be on the Chavs’ feet this Christmas. In the UK, ladies winter boots are selling like hot cakes. The change to winter blasts have seen a meteoritic rise in sales of quality fashion boots. Fear of a repeat of last years weather extremes the Brits’ fashionista are determined to be prepared. Snow boots have become a fashion must for the season ahead. Made from the finest fabrics with rich fur linings and a series of unique and elegant designs, winter boots are a must. Originally designed to be worn for walking around a ski resort, ladies winter boots are beautifully styled and feature insulating layers to hold in heat while being completely waterproof with excellent grip to prevent slipping on the ice or getting stuck in the snow. This makes them perfect for the British winter where sleet, snow and icy footpaths are common place. Men’s winter boots are derived from walking boots featuring more rugged, hard wearing and built for trudging through the snow to the shops and shovelling snow out of the drive way. Winter boots have proven to be a unique product, combining high fashion with high performance and usually a suitably high price point to match.

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I was just providing personal tips on how I think the boots should be worn in the classiest possible way. Just advice. Of course there aren’t any rules! People can wear what they want!