Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Feet different sizes? : Useful contacts

Many people have mismatched feet causing them added expense when shopping for shoes. Sadly, very few shoe stores, manufacturers, or online suppliers of footwear offer mismatched shoes. There are some organisations which will sell single and mismatched shoes and other organizations that match people with complementary sizes of mismatched feet. These organizations and matching efforts have met with mixed success. As the number of brands and styles of shoes have multiplied the task of matching has become more difficult. Several websites now offer single and mismatched shoes in a variety of brands and styles. and, are retail sources of single and mismatched shoes, and is a free site that allows users to buy, sell, and swap single and mismatched shoes. People with mismatched feet can now exchange their unused mismatched pairs of shoes with others with PayPal the favored means of doing so. The site allows users to ask questions about shoes posted on the site and to post pictures and descriptions of the shoes they want to sell or exchange. also offers opportunities for shoe stores left with shoes they cannot sell. Stores invariably write them off as a loss and give them away or sell them below cost. With the millions of people with mismatched feet, there is a large potential market for even the mismatched pairs of shoes to be found among the shoes that would otherwise be thrown away.

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