Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Footerella: Foot binding electronic style?

The Footerella is an electronic device to tighten and tone the foot muscles. The device was developed by a podiatrist specifically to allow women to fit more comfortably into high heeled shoes. According to the manufacturers there are 3 electrode pads that stick to the feet. Set the program of choice (there are three: slimming & toning, bunion prevention; and running or high heels) and sit back. Each program is designed to stimulate a certain muscle group for that particular activity. As the pressure points are gently stimulated the tone of the intrinsic muscles is improved. After a hour per day the results equate to a vigorous workout but with no pain. Subsequent application strengthens the intrinsic muscles giving improved integrity of the feet which are now slimmer and ready to fit comfortably into your favourite high heeled shoes. Success of the Footerella has caused the maufacturers to produce a male version called the FootBox.

Ed. Electrical stimluation is a common physical therapy used in rehabilitation and the Footerella appears to be is a convenient package for feet.)

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