Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 Hot Shoes: Clogs!

Spring collections are featuring clogs as the new find of the season. Under gone a fashion renaissance the simple wooden shoe has taken the imagination of designers who are now filling the runways with Spring previews of sexy leather clogs in all colours, heels, platforms and styles. Clogs are the must-have accessory and Cape Clogs, are a company based in Massachusetts. They produce a wide array of wooden shoes with printed patterns, florals, patent leather, wool, and open toe looks. Cape Clogs are hand–cobbled from Alder (birch) wood like the traditional Swedish clogs and feature genuine Italian leather. Cape Clogs designs for men, women and children.


Pam Walter said...

Cape Clogs looks like a fabulous site! Would need to shop a while to find a pair of clogs that's truly comfy, though. Any suggestions?

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