Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flirty heels: Selling Shoe Space in India

Latest fashion in India is “flirty heels,” that is back look heels with messages proudly displayed on them. The customised shoes have ‘Bite me” on the right shoe and a picture of an apple on the other. Graphic designer, Shital Deliwala from Attic in Mumbai has one shoe with ‘333’ and the other, ‘I am only half as evil’. The new fad follows the footsteps of captioned T shirts which flaunted personality and politics. Long been hip to customise white trainers with images and designs now shoe space has become big business. Successful shoe artists in Mumbai include Savia Jane Pinto from Shoefu and Mind2Sole’s Farzana Billimoria.

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janeine said...

Just saw your post and it's about me!
Do stay in touch. I plan to expand my blog from being more than just a gallery for the footwear that I've painted.