Friday, February 19, 2010

Delman shoes Exhibition NY

The New York company have been established for nearly a century and count many celebrities including Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Anne Hathaway as clients. Delman’s “It” shoes were synonymous with footwear innovation in the 1940s and 1950s. In March, the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology is holding an exhibition of Delman Shoes. An undercurrent of the exhibition is the cycle of fashion and high some style keep on reinventing. Delman Shoes were founded by Herman Delman in 1918 and catered to the finest Delman introduced raunchy sandals which laced to the calf in the 1940s and based the design on a pair of tango shoes he had made more than 20 years before for Irene Castle. Delman was an innovator and realised the benefits of reinterpreting some of his custom designs as ready-to-wear shoes. The most famous example olf which was the copies of the custom Delman shoes that Queen Elizabeth II wore to her 1953 coronation. Delman Shoes also used luminary designers like Kenneth Jay Lane and Roger Vivier to heighten their wares. Delman Shoes are now owned by Nina Footwear . The exhibiton runs throughtout March.

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