Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fashions in the cold: What are the Olympians wearing?

The continued cold weather has seen the fashionista look long and hard at the clothes worn at the 2010 Winter Games . Top designers consult on the Olympic Team costumes and individual competitors clothing. Often high tech sport fabrics and styles cross over into mainstream fashion. Many luminaries including Giorgio Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Yohji Yamamoto and Ralph Lauren have designed for participating countries. In Vancouver 2010, Dean and Dan Caten, of Dsquared2, are the outfitters in residence. A few games ago the Canadian team poorboy cap was quickly seen adorning the crowns of celebs like Puff Daddy (Diddy), Prince William and Robin Williams. Berets too proved popular after they were seen in 2002 at Salt Lake City Games. This year because of the continued cold spell it is mittens which seem to have taken the public interest with an estimated three million pairs to be sold before the Closing Ceremonies. Official Team Canada toques, scarves and sweaters have also flown off shelves. Figure skating too presents a fabulous platform for creative expression in dress and Vera Wang (herself a skater) and Christian Lacroix have designed costumes for top class Olympic figure skaters. Not everything however that is worn by the competitors meets with critics’ approval in 2008 the New Zealand team were lampooned mercilessly for wearing Crocs.

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