Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kangaroos shoes.

One of the best know and loved stach pock styled shoes must be Kangaroos shoes which began in 1979 after shie designer and architect, Bob Gamm had the brainwave of designing shoes with a pocket to keep house keys and credit cards safe while jogging. Gradually Kangaroos shoes caught on and by the mid eighties no self respecting jogger would be without a pair. As the years passed and subsequent design innovation took place the running shoes improved. Gamm in partnership with NASA developed Dynacoil TM, sportshoe, which contains a patented energy system that involves an improvement in the suspension and cushion located in the sole of the shoe. Soon athletes wore their Kangaroos with pride. By the nineties, Kangaroos crossed over into mainstream fashion and are sold in over sixty countries around the world. Most still have pockets and others have a larger side pouch going up the ankle that can hold a small wallet.

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