Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Man United: No colours!

Sir Alex Ferguson is a no ‘frills man’ especially when it comes to coloured bootball boots. The Manchester United Manager has banned his young players from wearing them. Under new rules Manchester United's junior players have been banned from wearing anything other than old-school black while on club business. Once players make the grade to the reserve or first-team squad then there are no restrictions. At one time no self respecting football professional would be seen wearing anything other than regular black boots on the field but now anything goes. Black boots were once considered ‘flash’ to the very old school who wore brown only. Now it has become the sign of all budding ‘George Bests” to sport colourful boots but Ferguson and Co warn it only attracts unwanted attention both on the field and in the boot room where the real decisions are taken. Ferguson is not alone with his ban and earlier this month Queens Park Rangers youth-team coach Marc Bircham also banned his players from wearing them as a precaution against "getting too flash".The fad for colourful boots came in the 90s with manufacturers keen to identify their product with named players. The coloured boot found its ultimate expression last season with the appearance of Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner's provocative bright pink boots, otherwise known as the Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry.

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