Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dana Davis Shoes:When does the shoe fit?

Dana Davis is the founder and chief executive of Dana Davis Shoes. The company retail fashionable shoes with customized arch supports and strategic cushioning. Dana Davis shoes have built-in foot orthoses developed with patent-pending technology and according to the manufacturer give sheer comfort to chic fashion. Thumbs up from celebs for Penelope Cruz, Sarah McLachlan, Carrie Ann Inaba and Anne Hathaway have all been seen wearing them. Inspiration for her comfortable, fashion shoes came through Dana Davis’s own experiences as socialite and working women. A Type 1 diabetic,Ms Davis was all too aware of the importance of comfortable footwear for someone working long hours on her feet. After eight attempts at elective foot surgery the penny finally dropped she needed comfortable shoes but could not find them on the fashion shelves. Determined to create a range for like minded women she started her own small shoe company and working in conjunction with podiatrists developed Dana Davis Shoes.
Fitting a shoe to the foot is problematic and ill fitting footwear is considered to lead to a variety of problems over the course of time. According to the Healthy Footwear Guide it is possible (for most women) to find shoes that fit properly without losing the sense of style.

Never buy shoes without trying them on (even though you know what size shoe you wear). Sizes do vary from brand to brand, and from time to time companies do change their lasts without warning. This may result in a different fit in familiar shoe styles. When buying shoes make sure you wear the type of socks/hosiery and foot orthoses you intend to have with the new shoes. If your feet swell try on new shoes in the afternoon (when oedema is present). Feet are not always the same size so it is important to try both shoes on before purchase. A shoe fitter will know this but as most shoes are purchased in self service stores (or over the internet) some caution is required.

Feet get longer and broader on weight bearing. Try standing with the new shoes on one foot at a time. While standing on one foot, wiggle your toes and check for toe space. The toe box should allow normal foot function. The topline of each shoe needs to neatly sit against the sides of the feet with no obvious pressure or discomfort. This may vary with shoe and boot styles. Carefully stand on your tip toe to check the shoe bends with your foot. Standing normally there should be approximately one half inch (13 millimetres) of space from the end of your longest toe to the tip of the shoe. The new shoe should fit the width of the foot comfortably allowing you to walk with ease and unimpeded normal foot function.

Take the new shoes for a test drive in the store and if it pinches try on another pair. Shoes do not need to be broken in (stretched to fit the feet). This is a myth which dates to the time when women wore downsized men’s’ shoes fitted to smaller feet. When walking check the shoe gently grips and supports the foot with no obvious inside slippage (you may have to adjust the retaining medium e.g. laces or strap). The outsole should provide safe grip.

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Pam Walter said...

At last! Someone who understands that fit and fashion really can go together. Thanks for the info and I will definitely be checking these out!

Kate said...

I've never heard the tip about standing on one foot. My mom always used to tell me to see if my big toe hit the front. Great tips on men's shoes!