Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ian Poulter: Links Bella Figure

There was a time when you could always spot a Yank by the clothes they wore. Golfers were easiest to locate because of their colourful sweaters and loud, plaid slacks. Now there has been a wind of change as more UK professionals are making their sartorial presence felt on the links. Standout bella figure is Ian Poulter (currently ranked No. 6 in the world). The Hitchin boy brings more than a flash of fashion to the green. According to his website he is a fashion designer as well as a professional golfer. In 2007 Poulter launched Ian Poulter Design (IJP). Hitchin, Hertfordshire lies in the middle of the British wooltrade so fabric may run in his veins as it certainly adorns his loins. Known for his radical dress sense, said to be inherited from his mother (manager of a woman’s fashion shop), he likes to match his colourful outfits with appropriate coordinated accessories i.e. hat, shoes and sunglasses. The golfer is a mad keen fan of Arsenal Football Club and has been known to wear the clubs logo on his golf shoes. He did once sport an Arsenal shirt during an event which met with such scorn by officialdom a new rule was introduced banning golfers form wearing football jerseys. For the Masters the golfer wore a melange of pink, blueberry, violet, white, and English Rose with matching custom pink-trimmed, FootJoy, FJ Icon golf shoes. Tartan and plait trousers do prevail in his outfits but he has also worn kacks featuring the famous Claret Jug (The Golf Champion Trophy). Something that is sure to irritate the Scots is when plaid is passed off as tartan but Poulter has that covered and his three seasonal plaids were designed under a license agreement with the Scottish Tartan Authority. The Poulter trews are cut in bootleg style with a notched hem to allow freedom of movement during the swing.
Unlike many of his contemporaries Poulter saw the benefit of starting his own line of clothing and shunned sponsor’s apparel. He seems to have ‘hot a hole in one’ because now his clothing sell in 35 countries.

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