Friday, April 16, 2010

Zeha Berlin

Zeha Berlin is a German company founded in Thuringia in 1897. After the war a new factory complex was built in Hohenlauben and the company started to produce football boots. The business quickly grew to become the flagship for sport-shoe manufacture in East Germany. In 1954 World Cup the champion West Germam team wore Zeha football boots. In 1960, Zeha became the official supplier of East Germany's Olympic team. Two years later, the shoes already featured their signature obliquely offset, dual stripes. Leather was scarce commodity in East Germany and so the company were keen to improve through research, innovation and improvisation. The State took over Zeha in 1972, and it ran until 1993 before it closed. In 2003 the company was reserected by two designers, Heine and Barré and now using cutting edge gtechnology and the finest Italian leather the legendary models of the past have been recreated. Zeha has three retail stores in Berlin, but also works with clients in several other countries, most of them in Europe. The shoes are produced in Slovakia and Italy. A pair of Zeha shoes from the basic collection costs about 130 euros ($193), while other models cost more than 200 euros. Boots sell for about 350 euros.

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