Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do the new lightweight football boots cause more injuries?

Health warnings have been issued by Southampton University, orthopaedic surgeon and sports injury specialist, Professor David Barrett concerned the new lightweight football boot may give less protection to the foot and increase the risk of foot injuries. The knee specialist’s concern is sparked by the increase in reported metatarsal (stress) fractures in amateur footballers at A&E. March fractures of the metatarsal bones are usually fatique fractures caused by over use and not by one off trauma as may be implied by the recent newspaper report. High profile players reported with stress fractures of the metatarsals are more likely to have been over training and playing. The new style boots appear to give adequate support to the foot despite the lightness in weight. Specialists at Southampton General Hospital have also reported increased problems caused by footballers wearing the wrong kind of football boots for the prevailing pitch conditions. Injuries in the amateur game continue to be related to inadequate preparing of the players to warm up and warm down.

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