Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foot washing: Take care of the pair

Apparently most of us are missing something important in our lives. According to people who know these things washing feet is a therapeutic activity greatly overlooked (sic. presumably by the great unwashed?). In an age when we shower rather than bathe, foot washing has become a forgotten art. The precious minutes spent washing feet are not just self indulgent luxury but an effortless way to ensure emotional equilibrium at times of distress. The restorative nature of foot washing lies in the combination of activities involved. Taking a conscious decision to wash our feet is the first step (sic. excuse the pun) because it acknowledges relaxation is needed. Filling a basin of lukewarm water (46 degree C) is perfect temperature for a relaxing soak. Adding a handful of common table salt to dissolve in the water proves the ideal hypertonic solution to slip the feet into and experience that moment of physical ecstasy and psychological release. Bathing feet for no longer than ten (10) minutes is sufficient to ease tired aching feet as well as stimulate the circulation and give life once more to most ignored part of the human body.

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