Sunday, May 16, 2010

Glasgow First: Tag your boots

If you are doing nothing this June and live in Scotland you might like to pop into Greaves Sports Nike Store, Buchannan Galleries in downtown Glasgow. Whilst the National Team will not be at the FIFA World Cup 2010 (AGAIN!), budding stars can have their football boots customised. The outlet has the first machine to tag new football boots (purchased from the store – cunning Nike). Punters can have their boots emblazed with their name, squad numbers or national flag. One of the first customers was Dominic Cervi (Celtic), the giant (6’6”) American goalkeeper, had his Nike pair decorated with the stars and stripes. Old Firm rival U-19 keeper, Grant Adam, Rangers U-19 keeper had his boots stitched with his girlfriend’s name.
The fashion to tag boots started with David Beckham and was soon followed by other luminaries in the Premiership and the top European leagues. Now the company hope to attract not just football players but all sports peeps keen to have their own personalised shoes. (sic. I want Oor Wullie on my).

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