Monday, May 17, 2010

KIWI® Shoe Care have the answer

KIWI® Shoe Care 's commissioned a telephone survey in the US recently. A probability sample of 507 women, 18 years of age and older, living in private households were randomly polled. According to the results almost half of American women (48%) categorize themselves as "prudent chic" when buying shoes and will balance between style and comfort. Many women are frustrated at the potential foot pain and discomfort caused by vogue footwear. Forty three per cent (43 %) preferred wearing "jeans and sneakers" for comfort. Only eight percent of the total population surveyed admitted to braving all shoes with a "no pain no gain" mentality toward fashionable footwear.

KIWI® Shoe Care suggests these simple tips to improve foot comfort.

Always wear new shoes around the house before taking them on the road. This helps overcome any minor fitting problems before wearing the shoes in public.

Think about using simple insoles to give extra cushioning and enhanced comfort to those sensitive pain points in the feet.

If you find feet slipping inside the shoe use heal liners in the backs of the shoes and this helps keep the foot in place and minimizing toe pain.

Always have a backup pair of trusty sneakers or flats handy in the event heels prove too painful.

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