Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Never mind David Cameron, Scholl are keeping Britain on their feet

According to a recent survey commissioned by Scholl, marking the footwear firm's Keeping Britain on its Feet campaign. Eighty one per cent (81%) 81 of women surveyed feel sexier wearing high heels and half the nation survey admitted to buying a new pair of ill-fitting shoes. Apparently half of those surveyed disliked the appearance of their own feet and were turned off by the site of their partner’s feet. Over half the males in the survey found hairy toes a turn off, and women were put off by partners with athlete's foot. Overwhelmingly respondents (71%) were horrified at the pictures of Victoria Beckham’s feet. Ms Beckham has bunions. 67% of the participants considered to have she should have corrective surgery. The vast majority of respondents would not want their feet to be handled by a celebrity. Of those who would 21% Cheryl Cole (for men); and George Clooney (for women) came top. Thirteen percent (13%) of men admitted to wearing their partner's high heels in the bedroom and 7% of women had worn their favourite shoes to bed. When it came to paying money to stocking the kitchen cupboard or buying another pair of shoes, a third of the females surveyed said they would rather starve, while 12 per cent of men were prepared to go without food.

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