Saturday, May 08, 2010

Older adults' shoes: Benefits of a good fit?

Researchers have found wearing inappropriate shoes can cause biomechanical imbalance, foot problems, and pain as well as induce falls. In a recently published cross-sectional study to explore the effects of wearing incorrectly sized shoes and the relationship between incorrectly sized shoes and foot dimensions, pain, and diabetes among older adults. Researchers discovered a significant number of participants (Total Population 399 adults aged between 60-90) were wearing shoe sizes bigger than their foot length. Men (69.2%) were more likely to wear bigger shoes than women (48.5%). Older adults wearing the incorrect shoe size presented larger values for foot width, perimeter, and height than those wearing the correct size. Incorrectly sized shoes were associated with ankle pain in women but not with diabetes. The use of correctly sized shoes was associated with back pain in women.

Paiva de Castro A., Rebelatto J R, Aurichio R A (2010) The Relationship Between Wearing Incorrectly Sized Shoes and Foot Dimensions, Foot Pain, and Diabetes Journal of Sports Rehabilitation 19(2).

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