Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speed Boot Wars

Research has shown the average energy expenditure of an elite football player (75kg) is over 1,000 Kilo Calories per game. Reducing the weight carried by players i.e. boots. Sports scientists believe carrying less weight helps conserve valuable energy over the course of 90 minutes. This energy, they believe, may be put to good use when players need to play extra time or want to extend themselves during normal game time. At this years FIFA World Cup boot designers are keen to demonstrate the theory in practice with the introduction of speed boots i.e. lightweight boots made for comfort and support for kinetic feet involved in stop start accelerated activities. Further boot designers believe the colour way of boots is now very important. Analysis has revealed player use 99% peripheral vision with less than 1% foveal vision (focused vision). Seeing a familiar colour on the feet of a named player is thought to improve passing. Nike designers have analysed the colour spectrum and isolated two high-contrast colours which rapidly picked up by peripheral vision. The perfect blend is Mach Purple and Total Orange. The intense rivalry and fierce competition between the brand leaders has caused a rush for June to produce colourful lightweight boots for the elite players. In the adidas camp Messers Lionel Messi (Argentina ) , David Villa (Spain ), Jermain Defoe (England), Johan Vonlanthen (Switzerland, Arjen Robben (Netherlands, and Shaun Wright-Philips (England ) among others will be sporting the new F50 adiZeros boots at June’s World tournament. With the exception of Lionel Messi the adidas endorsed players will sport the World Cup Black/Sun Yellow colourway. Lionel Messi has his own colourway for the World Cup, which is the Chameleon Purple/White/Electricity. The adidas f50 adiZero tips the scales at 164g for a size 8 boot and according to adidas these are the lightest boots ever made. The adidas designers have incorporated a super light synthetic cover material (adidas Sprint Skin) and polyurethane (PU) outsole (adidas Sprint Frame) with new dynamic shaped studs designed to give maximum acceleration on the pitch. Improved bonding between the outsole and upper with internal TPU Support Bands provides strength stability and support to the kinetic foot encased inside. The surfaces of the adidas f50 adiZero have build in anti-microbial properties which cut down the risk of microbial growth.

Rivals Nike have leading their lightweight stable of speed boots, the Mercurial Vapor Superfly II (210g). These feature a new performance upper and re-engineered outsole to deliver lightweight performance for every style of player. The Mercurial Vapor SuperFly II is 5% lighter than previous models. The marquee soccer slippers will be launched by Sergio Aguero (Argentina) later this month.

Puma too have released their speed boot the Puma v1.10 (235g.). This is a new generation v1.08 with extra support in the heel and a new one-piece outsole design. The carbon fibre inner chassis gives the boot good support and strength according to the manufacturer and the upper (made from lightweight microfibre and synthetic leather) is stitched (not glued) to the sole. The boots are available in bright colour ways of yellow / red which may appeal to the colour blind, according to critics. The overall design has also met with some criticism because the boots are less streamlined than rival brands.


Let the games begin....................

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