Monday, June 21, 2010

How do you store your shoes?

Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City has a walk in wardrobe to house her exclusive shoe collection but this is a luxury beyond most of us. Lesser shoe mortals might find a shoe rack perfectly acceptable. These can either be built into the closet or as free-standing racks. Alternatively you can have a soft shoe rack to hang over the closet door. These consist of a series of canvas or plastic pockets and double as dust covers. Built-in and free standing racks usually have small wooden strips along the back where shoe heels rest making them ideal for display purposes. The Rakku Shoe Wheel is an innovative product designed to help with large shoe storage problems. It is a wheel large enough to hold up to thirty pairs of shoes and can spin so that you can easily grab the pair that you are looking for. Standing at just over two feet high, the wheel can easily fit into the bottom of any closet. When closet space is limited don’t forget about the space under your bed. Dusts bunnies help protect the shoes and there are storage containers that lie flat. Some manufacturers produce bed raises to give added space under the bed. Here, the added advantage is you can use the risers as additional d├ęcor for your room and if you don’t want people to see the containers, buy a pretty dust ruffle that will cover them up. A great trend emerging among shoe hoarders is the use of benches as storage areas. These benches are hollowed out and usually have a cushion on top that makes them comfortable to sit on. Simple shelving may be all you need to solve your shoe storage woes. If you have room in your bedroom, set up shelves that have small cubbyholes that you can place your shoes in. Another way to display shoes is a step ladder with wide steps. Painted even the most mundane domestic step ladder can house the shoes you will be wearing for the season. Serious collectors use shoe boxes either specially made in Perspex or cardboard many stick a picture of the shoes at the end of the box for storage and classification. This allows you to see all of your shoes at once and because they will be in boxes, it will be easy to stack them, giving you more space.

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