Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Barefoot Bandit is behind bars

Colton Harris-Moore (aka The Barefoot Bandit) has been caught after two years on the run. The Barefoot Bandit is a 19-year-old from Washington state who has spent the better part of his life thieving. Over the last six years he has misappropriated laptops to airplanes (five of them!). The cheeky felon’s appetite has been veracious and gained international noteriety as the barefoot Raffles because he reportedly committed some of his crimes barefoot and once left behind a chalk footprint. He has over 17,000 fans on facebook , has had two songs written about him as well as a lucrative book and movie deal. If Harris Moore is convicted he faces a 12 year year prison sentence but his mother has appointed John Henry Browne to handle her son's criminal defense and entertainment attorney O. Yale Lewis to seek control of his entertainment interests.

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