Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another severed foot is washed up

Another human foot has been washed ashore on Whidbey Island's east coast. This makes it the eighth since 2008. The latest gruesome find was washed up on the beach near a Greenbank boat launch. Forensic experts believe the foot is likely to have been in the water for less than two months. From its size it is currently surmised to have belonged to a woman or a child. A DNA profile is pending. Previous foot remains were shod but this latest macabre flotsam was a foot reportedly with no skin and only muscle and tendon remained. A coroner matched a pair of dismembered female feet that shed up on the shores of British Columbia. The right foot was discovered on Canada's West coast, and the left foot was discovered six months later. Both were encased in New Balance running shoes.

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