Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Barefoot Vibram FiveFingers shoes: What's all the fuss?

Last weekend there was a spike of hits to foot talk. A 600 % increase in the average 100 hits per day. Closer inspection revealed netizens were after info on foot gloves. These are Barefoot Vibram FiveFingers shoes which have been around since 2006. Robert Fliri is an industrial designer and avid mountaineer he had an idea and approached the Vibram company to produce an ultra lightweight shoe, suitable for hill climbing. Together they came up with a novel design which includes separate pockets for each of the five toes. These retail between $75 to $125 US. Last year Barefoot Vibram FiveFingers shoes caught wider attention when some glitterati wore them on the red carpet. Since then they have sold like hot cakes. CNN recently reported the manufacturer now struggles to meet the market demand. In the last year the Vibram company has tripled the size of its Boston warehouse. Their revenue this year soared to a mighty $50 million US, which is a far cry from the paltry $430,000 the company declared in 2006. The appeal for Barefoot Vibram FiveFingers shoes has extended to China which has the US company worried for now counterfeit FiveFingers are being sold in a cheaper price. The Vibram company is currently working with authorities to end these illegal channels and protect their brand.

Back to why there is such a great interest in them last weekend.

Seems Barefoot Vibram FiveFingers shoes have become highly collectable and males are snapping them up as a blue chip investment.

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