Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dancing Shoes: The George Best Story

Dancing Shoes: The George Best Story is a new musical about George Best and was written and produced by Martin Lynch and (Sarah) Marie Jones (Stones in His Pockets). Music and songs are composed by Pat Gribben (The Adventures and Starjets) and JJ Gilmour (The Silencers) . The lead role is taken by Aidan O'Neill, who has an uncanny resemblance to the famous Belfast boy and international football player. George was one of the most skilful players ever, with magic feet and hence the title of the show, Dancing Shoes. Throughout his carteer he enjoyed a champagne life style off the park but eventually succumbed to chronic alcoholism. The show had its opening at the Grand Opera House in Belfast and the first performance was met with a standing ovation. The hope is the musical will eventually have a run at London’s West End.

Not from the show but here is a tribute from Don Fardon


Anonymous said...

Saw this show last week, if it does go to London you must see it its like Best himself, BRILLIANT

Anonymous said...

Saw the show twice - Aidan O'Neill (George) and Paddy Jenkins (Alex Higgins)are superb. Go see it!