Monday, November 27, 2017

Well heeled : Who will tell the girls?

Apparently men have a condition-dependent adaptive proclivity to prioritize facial cues in long-term mating contexts, but shift their priorities toward bodily cues in short-term mating contexts. That is according to research from the University of Texas.

Seems however men are not so sensitive to notice if woman are wearing high heels. Researchers at the UK's Northumbria University studied men's reactions to women in heels versus women in flats and found no difference. Seems all the hype about higher heels, longer legs, with accentuated rear and tilted torso give no visual clues to men. All this at a time when high heels have never been so high on the catwalk.

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ShoeIdiot said...

Who will tell the girls? Hopefully nobody! I guess the results of the research aren't really surprising, but if women enjoy slipping into heels for some daily torture, who are we to try to stop them?