Friday, October 22, 2010

Concept 1:Flubber shoes banned

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has decided to ban Concept 1 (Athletic Propulsion Labs ) during matches because they believe the shoes give players an unfair edge. Athletic Propulsion labs was formed in 2009 with a focus on producing and manufacturing high end innovative athletic footwear. The company produced new technology, Load ‘N Launch, which allows athletes to jump higher. According to the manufacturer their patent pending device works with the sole of the shoe to compress large amounts of energy and then when the player takes off using the front of their foot, the device acts as a spring and propels them upwards. The shoe also uses a thermoplastic urethane shank to stabilise the foot and transfer energy. Test results indicate the wearer can jump an average increase of 3.5 inches higher. The company is now looking to come out with newer and more innovative technology in different sports.

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