Thursday, October 07, 2010

High heels and Evolution: Viva la difference

According to scientists one of the key differences between males and females is women have the ability to adjust their centre of gravity due to anatomical differences in their lower back vertebrae and hip. Harvard anthropology researches discovered the lower lumbar vertebrae in women are wedged-shaped whereas in men it is squarer. The female hip joint is also 14 percent larger than men when body size is taken into account. These slight but important differences make significant impact on a woman’s ability to carry an additional and growing load without adversely affecting the spine. Close examination of fossil records of human ancestors dating back to the oldest spines found (carbon dated to over 2 million years ago) confirm the gender difference. According to the Harvard researchers bipeds evolved to accommodate pregnancy on two feet which is just as well because otherwise wearing high heels might cause irreparable back damage.

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