Friday, October 01, 2010

This winter Sock it to Homelessness

Spare a thought this October for helping the homeless. When the colder weather comes many people living rough face severe pain and discomfort caused by exposure to cold. Being near a heat source such as an open fire can further complicate already damaged tissues especially if the extremities are thawed then refrozen. Something as simple as wearing two pairs of dry socks can frost nip and in severe conditions frost bite. Throughout the world there are many charities and volunteer groups which collect and distribute clothing including socks to the homeless. In Seattle, Operation Nightwatch hosts "Sock It to Homelessness" every October. This is an annual sock drive where community groups, churches, youth groups, and concerned citizens are invited to donate new socks to the cause. As a novelty the gifted hose are rolled into balls before being distributed to homeless people. In 2009, they collected more than 25,000 pairs of socks. Sock it to the homeless 2010 commences on Sunday 10th October. This also marks World Homeless Day

The Joy of Sox is based in Philadelphia and is an another organization committed to raise funds from individuals, companies and foundations to buy socks for the homeless. They too conduct sock drives to collect funds and socks from the community. All the socks donated and purchased are given to homeless people attending soup kitchens and homeless shelters.

Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that also provides new socks to homeless shelters, all across the United States.

Other agencies such as National Project Homelessencourage volunteers to help the homeless with housing, services, food and clothing. Socks can be donated to Project Home or The Interfaith Hospitality Network .

In Central London the Sock Mob are a group of volunteers who regularly give out socks to the homeless.

In November, Topman stores across the UK and Ireland launch a new promotion with a limited edition of Topman Crisis Charity socks. The socks retail at £4 with 100% of the proceeds going direct to Crisis. These limited edition socks make a perfect Christmas stocking filler. Topman will also donate a winter wool hat to all visitors passing through the Crisis Open Christmas Centre in London and Newcastle.

More information
Sock it to homelessness call (206) 323 4359 or email:
Joy of Sox
Comfort Socks contact: or visit


Tisha said...

Thanks for the mention. The Sock Mob is also having a special walk on World Homeless day that'll end with a party for our homeless friends. Learn more at:

Sock Mob Asst. Organiser

tom said...

Thanks for the link. The Joy of Sox recently had a resolution passed in the Pennsylvania Senate making February 14th (Valentine's Day in the USA) a "National Day of Socks for the Homeless." We plan to get this passed in every state in 2011.

Tom Costello Jr
Chief Sock Person
Radnor, PA USA