Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cane Toad Sneakers: Ted Noffs Foundation

The Reverend Ted Noffs established Sydney’s first 24 hour crisis centre in 1968, set up the first Drug Referral Centre in Sydney in 1967, co-founded the Aboriginal Affairs Foundation in 1962 and was the co-founder of Lifeline in 1963. The Ted Noffs Foundation was founded in 1970 and continues his legacy by providing essential services for young people and their families experiencing drug and alcohol problems and related trauma.The Sydney charity has set up a new sneaker footwear line featuring shoes made from the skin of cane toads to raise money for its Street University, Australia's largest drop-in centre. Disadvantaged youths who use the centre have designed an ethical line of sneakers made from the hides of cane toads , kangaroos and cows. The shoes will be sold on line and prices range from $165 to $450 a pair.

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