Friday, December 10, 2010

Cosmetic foot surgey: The ultimate shoe accessory?

The rise in cosmetic foot surgery has seen expotential growth as more women want beautiful feet to match their wonderful shoes. Toe shortening and fat injections into the foot pad are among the most popular procedures in a new plastic surgery craze focused on feet. Procedures costing more than $3,000 US are commonly undertaken to surgically enhance ugly feet in an industry considered to be worth an estimated $45 million a year in the US alone. Podiatrist, Ali Sadrieh in Beverly Hills, Calif., performs the toe shortening procedure, which involves dislocating the digit before removing a chunk of bone and inserting a titanium rod to bring the shortened bone back together again. Soft tissue transplants to the heel are also routinely undertaken. Fat is liposucked from a patient's tummy and injecting it into the balls of the feet to give added cushioning as well as cover up biony feet caused by the aging process. The pinky toe tuck remain another popular procedure in which fat is taken out of the little toe to make it narrower. Like all surgery cosmetic foot surgery is not without potential problems which include permanent nerve damage, infection, scarring, a recurrence of the deformity that was supposedly fixed and chronic pain when wearing not just high heels, but all shoes. Many women are willing to accept the risks as the price of fashion.

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