Saturday, December 25, 2010

When is an ugg boot not an ugg boot?

Uggs continue to be high fashion everywhere else except Australia and New Zealand. The must have “celebrity wear", is big business overseas and estimated to be in excess of $800 million in the US alone. The American Company Deckers Outdoor Corporation acquired the name Ugg RAustralia in 1995 but is not too happy about Australian ugg boot makers continuing to sell the sheepskin boots under the name ‘ugg.’ The US footwear giant is once again legally challenging an Australian company from using the "ugg" name. Deckers Outdoor Corporation has filed a trademark infringement suit in United States District Court in California against Emu Australia in a bid to stop the Victorian-based firm from using the title on its sales website. It appears the Australian company are a favoured boot in many stores throughout US and Europe and Deckers are not overly chuffed. They claim the continued success of Emu Australia and the other shoe makers producing fake uggs is seriously undermining their product in the marketplace. Deckers have previously sought legal regress to restrict the use of the trademark ugg name in Australia but this failed because "ugg" is considered a generic term for sheepskin footwear and used by almost 70 sheepskin footwear makers. Geelong based Emu Australia does not promote their products in overseas retail stores as "ugg boots". Emu Australia also makes sheepskin and leather jackets, gloves and superfine wool garments have recently launched Denimwool jeans under a new slim fit Valla Beach Denim label, which looks sure to be a best seller. Ideal companion for cosy ‘uggs’ in the cold and inclement weather.

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