Friday, January 14, 2011

Going barefoot: Urgent Health Warning for Flooded Areas

People in flood stricken regions have been warned to wear protective footwear, with podiatrists reporting patients who have seriously damaged their feet in the flood waters. Queensland podiatrist, Ainslie Davies says she’s already seeing patients badly affected by the floods:

‘I’ve been treating people with really serious cuts to their feet. Often they’ve been walking through the flood waters and been injured by dangerous sharp and hidden objects’.

‘We’ve seen images of people wading through the water, and many are wearing no shoes or thongs at best’, Ms Davies continued.

‘Obviously, some people have been left with very little, but it’s dangerous to head into the flooded areas without proper footwear.

‘There are definitely risks if people have constantly wet feet over a number of days. People can experience trench foot, and serious infection. Patients are also suffering sprains and fractures from slippery surfaces, skin punctures from debris. We can expect mosquito borne diseases affecting the foot and ankle’.

‘The faecal matter in the water and debris will significantly increase the risk of infection to wounds from bacteria’.

‘Anyone with diabetes, kidney disease and poor circulation needs to be especially vigilant’, Ms Davies concluded.

Ainslie Davies is available for interview.
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