Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitchen kicks: Celebrity endorsement

Shoe endorsement by celebrity chefs started with Iron Chef America's Mario Batai, whose signature uniform includes knee-length shorts and orange Crocs. He now has a signature shoe called the Bistro Mario Batali edition. The Batali Crocs are priced at $39.99.

Now Celebrity Chefs, Marcus Samuelsson (Top Chef Masters); Chris Cosentino and Aarón Sanchez (Chefs vs. City ) are collaborating to design their own shoe collection. Samuelsson's style has been described as urbane, sophisticated and "very New York. Chris Cosentino's shoes are sneakers; and Aarón Sanchez's shoes are a reflection of his Latin heritage. The signature series, called Sharkz, will be modeled after the chefs' personal style and designed to cushion tired feet in hot kitchens. The chef-designed series will be priced at $69.95.  According to Footwear Plus, Mozo , the maker of slip-resistant work shoes, is expected to launch the new line from the three chefs this spring.

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Lisa79846 said...

Many consumers feel that celebrities are only doing the endorsement for the money and do not necessarily believe in or even use the endorsed brand.

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