Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skecher's Shape Up Shoes:Law suit pending

A woman in the US has filed a lawsuit against Skechers' celebrity-endorsed Shape Up shoes, claiming they caused painful stress fractures in her hips. The lady now claims she has surgical pins in both her hips because she wore the trainers for extended periods of time. After five months wear she developed severe pain, and eventually needed surgery. She claims wearing Sketchers Shape Ups for extended periods of time caused stress fractures in both her hips. Further claims have been made the company failed to research the likely effects of the tone up shoes. Sketchers' Shape Ups, is heavily endorsed by Kim Kardashian.


stephanie said...

I have been wearing Shape Ups for about a year every time I work out and if I have to walk long distances. I have recently developed an entire mis-alignment of my entire body and extreme ankle pain. it also feels as though I have pins in my toes. I am exploring options of treatment and a true evaluation of the cause.

Anonymous said...

I fell down some stairs while wearing the so called shape up shoes. I ended up witha broken foot and a month of recovery with crutches andascooter and days missed from work and a scooter to get around during the healing time. Now after the healing process I still have pain in the top of my foot because my job requires me to be on my feet90 percent of the day