Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Choreography of Walking

The Choreography of Walking,’ is an exhibition by Ghislaine Howard inspired by the work of the University of Salford’s podiatry department. The Eccles artist has become fascinated with the human endevour of walking: from charting the first hesitant steps of her children, to watching the determination and courage of her mother refusing to accept the debilitating progress of Parkinson’s disease. Central to the exhibition of drawings and paintings is the time Ghislaine spent in the University’s podiatry department, looking at the extraordinary choreographies of walking. In particular Ghislaine was inspired by the work in the gait and human performance laboratory, where computer generated images and video footage are used to analyse every aspect of each individual patient’s walk.

The artist is known for her ground-breaking exhibition ‘A Shared Experience’, at Manchester City Art Gallery, which concerned pregnancy and birth, and for her fourteen ‘Stations of the Cross / The Captive Figure’ works, which have toured cathedrals throughout Britain.

The Choreography of Walking, Chapman Gallery, Salford, 30 March - 30 April. Entrance is free.

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