Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Heel warning: Conditions apply

Conditions do apply here and there is definatley no direct corelation between heel height and arthritis. Independent studies have shown lateral rotation at the knee is significantly less when wearing a higher heel that in flat heels. Condemnation of wearing high heels is not new and dates to at least the 18th century. All medical claims however that heel height causes ailments from miscarriage to spinal arthritis have been shown to be factuous. Most definately people prone to arthritis would be better advised to wear footwear appropriate to their physical activities and is confortable (the only variable that matters) then that is as much as can be done.

More recently studies have shown pelvic compensation takes place during pregnancy which prevents spinal damage. Some believe the same adjustment occurs when when women are wearing high heels. This natural compensation prevents the body form lasting harm, in the vast majority of cases.

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