Saturday, March 05, 2011

Purple kicks for sale: Bieber's shoes on eBay

Social media’s prodige, Justin Bieber has donated an old pair of purple Nikes (size 71/2) runners to his former High School, Stratford Northwestern Secondary School in Ontario, Canada so they can sell the autographed kicks. The proceeds will go to build a new broadcasting and communications studio for the pupils. The young crooner has worn the shoes and there is a bit of gravel in the treads. The shoes are auctioned separately on eBay. The right show became available on Monday and the other shoe will be auctioned at a later date. Closing date for the right shoe is March 11. Bieber previously donated some of his freshly coiffed hair to the Ellen DeGeneres show. When it was auctioned on eBay the iten sold for over $40K. The monies raised goes to the Gentle Barn, an animal rescue farm in California.

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